10 Best I Miss You Poems For Boyfriend

Love Is Dead By Mitch Butterfield

I was lying in bed the other night, unable to sleep. I’ve had a pretty rough time of it lately and the thoughts running through my head have been driving me insane, so I decided to write down exactly how I was feeling and the pain I was feeling. I actually surprised myself when I read it back. Hope you enjoy.

I lay here fighting these evil thoughts inside my head;
Is it me or is true love just really dead?;
Hoping, praying, wishing, caring;
One day when I wake I hope and pray to find you staring;
Back at me like you did all those years ago;
When life was simple and our love began to grow;
These thoughts are killing me, my brain won’t let me sleep;
Can’t drink can’t eat can’t breath without the beat;
Of your heart laying smack bang right next to me;
My life’s just spiraling way out of control;
My heart is crying because the devil stole my soul;
This ain’t no normal overdose;
When my body wants to comatose;
I try to handle all this fucked up shit traditionally;
Why can’t you believe me when I say I that I love you unconditionally;
Empty thoughts and shattered dreams;
My pain runs longer than a league of streams;
I hope soon you lay there in your bed, unable to sleep cos the devils in your head;
Do you even think of me when you’re lying in your bed?;
Some day soon you will understand my pain and just before you go reaching for some lead;
Maybe you will ask yourself,
Is true love really dead?

I wrote this for my boyfriend who is away in prison He showed me what real love is

Be With You By Marcella Myer

Each day I spent without you makes me miss you so very much
Each night I dream about you
I long to feel your touch
If I could just see your face or kiss your gentle lips
If I could only hear your voice
All these little things I miss
So I just want you to know
There’s nothing I wouldn’t do
If I could just once again Be With You

My name is Janet Lee Cowell. I live in Arkansas. I was born in Oregon. I have 3 living children. I have a son that died in December. Losing a child is so hard. He was just 37. A great person. I have 11 grandchildren. I will be 55 April 2nd

I Miss You By Janet Cowell

I Miss Your Laugh
I Miss Your Smile,
I Haven’t Seen You For Awhile.
I Miss Your Eyes;
I Miss Your Lips.
I Miss The Touch Of Your Fingertips
I Miss All The Things We Use To Do.
But Most Of All I Just Miss You….

Perspective By Kay Salady

I cannot seem to find perspective. It seems I’ve lost my point-of-view.
Your words were sweet. You were selective in choosing them. When I saw you,
I fell apart, and all the barriers that I had set came tumbling down.
My mind and heart fused together, as you and I, whirling around.
This senseless love that spins in the darkness of an eclipsed moon has gone astray,
picked up its’ light as sparks flew brightly across our sky, in such a way
that took my breath, that stopped my heartbeat, as a great light soared through the sky.
I was blinded by the white heat that took me down then raised me high.
All for your kiss, I sailed the seas and crossed the desert’s arid sand.
I risked my life all for the honor, for the touch, of your sweet hand.
The aching pain of craving the luxury to rest upon my lover’s chest
drove me insane as I surrendered all that I am for I am blessed
to know this love that’s all-consuming, that fills my soul beyond compare.
This fragrant rose that’s ever blooming emits a perfume that is so rare.
I inhaled you within my being; now you are sailing inside my sea.
Forever love, I will be dreaming to be with you eternally.
My star had melted into morning as the dawn sent him away.
I am alone in the bright sunlight and I can’t find the words to say
how lost I am inside this vacuum. There is no color and there’s no sound.
I cannot smell your fragrant perfume. I wonder why it can’t be found.
It seems I’ve lost all my perception and I am frozen in deep despair.
I’ve lost the path I’d longed to follow. My way is you and you’re not here.

Memories of Love By Brian Russell

As I sit here and watch the cars drive by fast
Enjoying the day, I dream of the past
I think of the love of times long ago
When we were so young and I was your beau
But the day is too pretty for me to be sad
So I sit and I smile with memories we had
We got into trouble but we sure had fun
Fantabulous times, I miss you a ton
The sun is now setting. Before I’m lonely and blue,
I will sit, I’ll have faith, in our God; He is true.

This poem is about the regret and loss I feel at losing my beloved girlfriend and best friend. It is a collection of hopes, thoughts and ideas that have filled my head since we have been apart. It shows my desire to have her back in my life.

You Are Missing From Me By Adam Riley

I wish I could be where you are,
To feel the warmth of your embrace,
”Tu me manques my darling!” Is all that I can say.

The snow it drifts upon me,
With shards of memories,
I long to kiss your lips,
For they stir sweet melodies.

A hug, cuddle or touch would ease my aching soul,
I long to be with you,
For you are what makes me whole…

My mother passes away only last year from a self inflicting overdose. She’s always had trouble through my early childhood go into rehab, getting sober, then hitting the pills again. I knew that one day this was going to kill her and I did nothing to stop it. If you or someone you know is struggling, help them. They just need someone to hang on to. That’s something I did not do for my mother and I lost her at 15. One year later I’m still blaming myself for it. Don’t make the same mistakes I did.

The Day You Left By Skylar

I remember laying in bed,
Thinking of you and feeling such dread

I felt a pain and all the cracks,
I did not realize I would never get you back

My tears were sudden and none withstanding,
My grief, a shriek, my pain overbearing

I only I knew all your own sorrow and pain,
I would have tried to save you I had so much to gain

But I was to late and you let me go
Now I just wish for you to know
I love you and it will always grow

I was inspired to write this when visiting a place we had been together. It stirred some lovely memories.

Our Hill By Jon Hart

I sit on our hill
There is silence, except for the breath of the world
It caresses the leaves softly
Tenuously, as I imagine my hand would touch your face

It stirs dormant memories
Precious baubles fill my consciousness
A smile, a laugh, a caress, a scent
Your touch, your embrace, your kiss

The Autumn sun warms my face
Awakens me
As I walk away, eyes closed
I can feel your hand in mine

It seem as if he doesn’t care she was leaving but it was really because he can’t bear to wake up and find her gone.

Go Quietly By Gabriel Gadfly

I know you must wake
and go to work,
but do this for me:
go quietly as you can.

I am selfish and
I do not want to be
disturbed by your leaving.

Dress with the lights off,
underwear and blouse,
the black skirt you laid
on the dresser last night.

Your heels are beside
the door, your earrings
in the bowl with your
car keys. Go quietly.

I am selfish and
know I’ll wake up
and find you gone.

I would like to put
that off as long as

Alone By Praveen

the sound of silence grows,
every minute feels like a hour,
every hour feels like a day,
as I sit in in the cold light of morning;

its far too late, too late
to pick up my heart from the floor,
as it lay in pieces,
right where you threw it yesterday night;

little by little,
strangers became friends,
friends became lovers,
and suddenly, lovers became strangers;

I am lying here,
lying next to where you left me in pieces,
can’t move, can’t scream,
with only silence for company;

the tick tock of the clock and,
the beat of my heart grows louder and louder,
shrouded by a mystery,
I feel so alone;

as the melody of love fades into the distance,
the screams of silence is all that remains,
lost in the shadows of life,
I am here, Alone, in a crowded room!