11+ Christmas Poems For Elementary Students

At Christmas time, Christmas Poems for kids for Sunday school or preschool Poems For Elementary Students are really wonderful inspirational Christmas Poems.

Christmas Poems For Elementary Students

At Christmas time, let’s all give each other a hug.
After all, Christmas is really about love.
When Santa comes down the chimney on that special night,
You should be full of happiness, no fright.


Thinking about the elves up at the North Pole,
is something you might do when the days start to get cold.
Thinking about Santa and his team of reindeer,
is something you might do all the days of the year!


Santa Claus loves to bring lots of toys
to all of the good little girls and boys.
To make sure you are on the “nice” list this year,
be sure to say your prayers, do your chores and answer with a cheer.


Christmas time is when people gather from near and far,
to tell those who they love just how special they are.
When you get back to your houses this afternoon,
be sure to tell your family how much you love them: all the way to the moon!


Looking up at the stars and making a Christmas wish,
you might be hoping for a bike or a fish.
Whatever it is that you get on that day,
make sure you say thank you in the right way.


When the Christmas snow starts to fall,
you will know that you have it all.
Seeing the smiles on the faces of your mom and dad
is a feeling that is going to make you so glad.


Little ones, gather ’round
and we shall tell you of a grand Christmas sound.
When Christmas Eve starts to get later and later into the night,
it’s Santa’s footsteps you’ll hear on your roof with delight!


Before you know it, Christmas will be here!
So let’s give Santa Claus a great big cheer!


Little ones, do not forget the reason
why we celebrate this season.
On this day long ago,
Christ was born without any snow.


On the First Christmas, Jesus came to this land,
and his arrival was so extremely grand.
When we celebrate Christmas today,
it’s important to send praise his way.