20+ Best Christmas Poems For Daughter

Everyone love her daughter and daughters loves her father and mother. You are missing your lovely daughter on this Christmas. You need to tell her a beautiful poem. Here a good collection of Best Christmas Poems For Daughter.

A sweet daughter like you

A sweet daughter like you is hard to find
A daughter like you whose so kind
You are pretty beyond your soul
And you do play the most important role
My life is surely incomplete without you
My life is blank without your name
Do not ever be and don’t you change
Be loving and darling like you are
I wish that you shine brighter than the star
A daughter like you is like the light
Making my world so bright
Love you my dear daughter
There is no one like you or other!

For Our Daughter And Her Family By Janyce Cotterill

Merry Christmas Daughter,
May it all be merry and bright,
May the best of this festive season,
Fill your home with warmth and delight,
May the love of your family surround you,
As you share this wonderful time,
May this be the best Christmas ever,
Building memories to last a lifetime.

As We Heard The Church Bells Chime By Janyce Cotterill

Memories stay with me,
Of when you were just a child,
The excitement mounted on Christmas Eve,
As we heard the church bells chime,
Many years since then have come and gone,
Much joy and laughter too,
And I hope this festive season,
Is a special time time for you.

The Lights Upon The Christmas Tree By Janyce Cotterill

The lights upon the Christmas tree,
The snow upon the ground,
Remind us that it’s Christmas,
A time to share our love around,
But daughter you don’t need Christmas,
To show how much we care,
For every day you have our love,
Just for you to share,
So may the blessings of the season,
Bring much joy to you,
And may the year that is ahead,
Bring sweet enjoyment too!

My Little Girl’s Eyes Would Sparkle! By Janyce Cotterill

My little girl’s eyes would sparkle,
At all the twinkling lights,
The decorated Christmas trees,
And Santa so merry and bright,
Christmas was full of magic,
A fairytale wonderland,
Where Christmas Eve we’d listen,
To hear if sleigh bells made a sound,
My little girl has grown up now,
A young woman you have become,
But the memories of years gone by,
In my heart is where they belong,
Though times have changed,
And we’ve moved on,
It’s a pleasure still to see,
My beautiful darling daughter,
And her wonderful family,
May the Christmas traditions made long ago,
Remain with you today,
And the joy and peace of Christmas,
Forever with you stay.

Christmas Time By Hilda Mullinger

Christmas is a coming
Santa’s on his way
Bringing you lots of presents
To open on Christmas Day

Merry Christmas Daughter By Jan Barcelo

Merry Christmas daughter
we miss you so much
but we will see you soon
and we love you a whole bunch

A Poem For Christmas By Hilda Mullinger

May all your dreams come true next year
Only good ones, never sad
Sending all our love to you
Merry Christmas from Mum and Dad

Ho! Ho! Ho! By Brenda Scott

From the top of his head
to the tips of his toes,
Santa is ready for wind,
rain, or snow!
He has practiced his driving
and polished his sleigh–
Nothing can stop him
from coming your way!
So just leave him some cookies
and cocoa to drink–
Santa is coming
as quick as a wink!

Merry Christmas

Christmas Is A Perfect Time

Christmas is a perfect time
To stop and reminisce
About the many hours we’ve spent
Discussing that and this-
The laughs, the smiles
That we have known
The wonderful things we’ve done
That make the friendship that we share

A very special one!

Have a very special Christmas, my friend

My Christmas Wish For You, My Friend

My Christmas wish for you, my friend
Is not a simple one
For I wish you hope and joy and peace
Days filled with warmth and sun

I wish you love and friendship too
Throughout the coming year
Lots of laughter and happiness
To fill your world with cheer

Christmas Is A Time Of Joy

Christmas is a time of joy,
A time for love and cheer,
A time for making memories,
To last throughout the year

My Snowman Friend

I call him Mr. Frosty-Face!
He brings us so much fun,
With black coal eyes, and carrot nose,
With a smile for everyone.

If we play Ring-a-Roses,
Then all our friends join in!
But, when the game is “Statues”,
He always knows he’ll win…

To My Daughter At Christmas By S Norris

At Christmastime it’s such a joy
to send greetings warm and fond
and to wish you all the very best
for Christmas and beyond

Wishing My Daughter By Sandra Wales

Here’s a wish for my special daughter
that your Christmas will bring
a day full of joy and laughter
and may the New Year hold
peace and goodwill untold
Happy Christmas
and a
Merry New Year