7+ Best Christmas Poems For Ex

You are still missing your ex, Love is class of poetry. Some best christmas poems for ex are here to tell your feelings on this happy christmas day.

Porcelain Doll

I’m your poor porcelain doll.
My face is chipped, my make-up flaking.
Blue lifeless eyes stare, not blinking.
Hair once in curls, now is tangled.
My dress of grandeur is now tattered.
I once was loved,
Held tightly, always by your side.

Murder your ex

A slit of the throat,
A stab in the chest.
I’ll bury you deep and I won’t make a mess.

I’ll snap your neck,
I’ll break all your bones,
You filthy scum lier why I should have known.

Pieces of Shame

You see me for my faults
You see me as of my past
But David dear don’t judge me
For the things you don’t understand

I almost wrote a love poem
I almost gave it to you

Merry Christmas towards the One I Love

Merry Christmas towards the one I love,
Even about this day of love for all,
Remembering the romance of one whose call
Redeemed those whose hearts his love might move.
Yet just one love does my spirit prove,
Chosen inside a passion like a squall,
Having such ecstasy withal
Rejoiced in what we were created of.
Such love do we find our way outdoors,
To be drawn to love of flesh and soul,
Traveling beyond our village green,
Moving for the wash along our shores
As our love joins the higher love unseen,
Shining with dark passion overall.

A Warm Season

Merry Christmas for you, my darling
This year is easily coming to an end
While another is approaching
When we’re busy celebrating
I don’t want to forget
To state I love you with a tender feeling
Which my love will be everlasting
I’m able to feel the season warmly glowing
And that is because I know I will be sharing
A Christmas with someone most loving.

Merry Christmas, Sweetheart!

Merry Christmas, Sweetheart
Along with you is where I want to be
Yet it appears our lives are complicated
for I’m the one not free,
The very best present
is the gift of yourself
I have given you a part of me
which has never belonged to anyone else.
Therefore we can’t be together this Christmas
yet our souls aren’t apart
for I have provided the best part of me
I’ve given you my heart.


I don’t like you cant you see
your just not right for me
the summer romance was fun
but for now i’m done
i’m sorry if i hurt you