7+ Best Christmas Poems For Orphans

Very Emotional and sad poems for the orphans. The suffer problems in orphanage and bear hardships of the world. Christmas poems for orphans childs.

Christmas at the Orphanage

But if they’d give us toys and twice the stuff
most parents splurge on the average kid,
orphans, I submit, need more than enough;
in fact, stacks wrapped with our names nearly hid
the tree where sparkling allotments yearly
guaranteed a lack of—what?—family?—

I knew exactly what it was I missed:
(did each boy there feel the same denials?)
to share my pals’ tearing open their piles
meant sealing the self, the child that wanted
to scream at all You stole those gifts from me;
whose birthday is worth such words? The wish-lists
they’d made us write out in May lay granted
against starred branches. I said I’m sorry.


An emotionally orphan.
Thrown away like garbage.
Like our blood ties are cut off.
By the scissors of regret.

Sterile Eyes

a lost bosom
spreads its worn hands
to vagabonds sent aflutter
in cappuccino clouds

untrodden hallways
sugar-coating bitter facts.
a double-edged chastiser
of children

where blue eyes grow
bronze, smooth skins fade to
ashen bruises; a love
crippled in the
ruins of

a mother cries within her chest –
birthed but not to birth

in the face of Eden herself
calling all children.

she seals their eyelids with slumber,
a piece of peace fractured
into lullabies.

I will take you

Life Of An Orphan

Life of an orphan like a body without mouth organ,
Cause no mother, father to hear his crying version.
Only Omnipotent father can give him shelter to live,
Rights on humanity so fight for orphans right to give.
Proper parental care is not possible for the orphan,
Health, hope, happiness, home society. lacks orphan.
Actual life attachment very rarely possible for orphan,
However, in modern age the scope of orphan adoption.
Except natural or legal mother mother nature can’t save,
In the lap of own mother the child feels self great brave.
Mothers like Mother Teresa are looking after the orphans,
Twenty first century is advancing to take care of orphans.

Dancing Orphan

“Don’t run with scissors.”

says parents, unseen.

What is movement

without risk, foreseen?


“Not too many sweets.”

Display a sugar high warning

cuz if I’m gonna dance

it will be til morning.


“It’s nice to share.”

And share I will

but move over, Miss almost mama,

I’ve had my fill

of unsolicited advice

from your appointed figure head

who steals my spotlight of

being a displaced purebred.


I’m an unwanted mutt

and I’ve accepted that much.

So I will run with scissors

and will even dance with such.


Shakin’ my orphaned thing,

melodically cries for danger.

And I will alwaysalways

take candy from a stranger.

I’m A Lonely Orphan

    I’m A Lonely Orphan

I can’t pull my own weight,
For things here that I’ve ate.

Before supper some kids
will go out and play,
I sit here in this house at
the table and pray.

Then I see an adult a stranger
come through the door,
I think is that my new parents
is that them for shore?

Oh Lord will they ever
find me a real home,
I don’t like this place
and I feel so all alone.

Everything we do we
share with each other,
We are treated like they
are our sister and brother.

Sharing a room with
so many bunk-beds,
Awwe so many bumps
on our heads!

They said that I’d have
to just sit and wait,
Looking out the window
staring at the gate.

Oh how I wish someone
would come for me,
I want a home and I
want a real family.

I am a lonely orphan in a
foster home you see,
I’m up for adoption will
you please adopt me?

I promise I’ll be good
I’ll be my very best,
I’ll go to school and
make good on my test.

So now will you consider in
taking me to your home?
I’m just a little lonely kid an
orphan that’s all alone.