8 Best Christmas Poems For Worship

Best Christmas Poems For Worship. Worship, and obey thee, Babe, and Prince no less!. Children at Sunday School will love this Christmas poem for Worship by Douglas Knighton.

All The Angels Sang by Douglas Knighton

Jesus came to be our savior,
All the angels sang and God rejoiced!
Came to bring us Heaven’s favor,
All the angels sang and God rejoiced!
Born to open Heaven’s treasure,
Key to God’s holiness for all time.
Jesus is the Father’s pleasure,
Sent to us with love and joy sublime.

Jesus came to live among us,
All the angels sang and God rejoiced!
Showed us faith both true and joyous,
All the angels sang and God rejoiced!
Taught and lived God’s good commandments,
Never once sinned at all in his life.
Jesus offers us repentance,
Gave himself for our eternal life.

Jesus came to make us holy,
All the angels sang and God rejoiced!
Came to save us, meek and lowly,
All the angels sang and God rejoiced!
Guides us to Christ-like behavior,
Puts his love for the world in our soul.
Jesus Christ our only savior,
Takes away our sin and makes us whole.

Christmas TIme by Larry D Crawford

Christmas Time

Yes, Christmas is the time,
Where little boys and girls.
Will finally receive,
Long sought for special toys.

A time when moms,
Bake cakes and pies.
When folks will gather,
Of renewing family ties.

And ones who rarely smile,
Have grins upon their face.
Those who always hurry by,
Have greetings in there place,

They don’t even comprehend,
They say, “tis the season”,
GO on their merry way,
And never know the reason.

I wonder why that is,
Why all that “peace on earth”
It started in a stable,
With a virgin giving birth.

It’s a love I can’t explain,
I will not even try.
That God would send his son,
Born – just to die.

But isn’t it ironical,
though Him no honor pay,
The world spends its millions
To Celebrate His day!



Ring a bell,
call a parade,
get this on the evening news.

Let everything on earth,
and beneath the earth and above it,
and everything in the sea too,
from the oak to the octopus,
bees, bears, birds, buffalo, bacteria,
and human beings,
take notice.

We have an announcement.
The waiting is over.
The gap is breached.

Tell the lame they will dance
and the blind they will see rainbows.
Tell the oppressed they will be free
and the poor they will be rich.
Tell the meek their earth is ready.

Tell darkness its days are numbered
and its minions to flee,
tell the warmongers
that peace will overtake them
and cover their battletanks in dust.

Let the wind shake the forest,
and ripple praise across the grasslands.
Let the mountaintops sparkle with joy.
Your God is for you; your God is with you,
Let all creation sing his welcome.

But whisper it,
the baby is sleeping.

“Safely Delivered”:

Lord of creation,
architect of stars,
Captain of angels,
and son of God most high.

A promise, a prophet,
miracle man, Messiah,
King of Kings,
and Prince of Peace.

Carpenter. Winemaker.
healer, hillside caterer.
Teacher, preacher,
stiller of storms and footwasher general.

Heretic, lunatic,
political schemer,
rabble rouser, rebel,
criminal, martyr.

Escape artist,
jailbreaker, earth-shaker,
destroyer of death
and firstborn of the truly alive.

The hopes and fears
of all the years –

All wrapped up,
seven pounds three ounces
in Mary’s arms,
safely delivered.