9 Best Christmas Poems For Kid – Short Christmas Poems

Your favorite poems by Susie M. Best, Christina Rossetti, Mary E. Carpio. You favorite poems like Christmas Is Coming A Christmas By Anonymous, heart beats for your kids.

A Catastrophe by Susie M. Best

A nice kid’s Christmas poem written by Susie M. Best

If old Kriss Kringle should forget To travel Christmas eve,

I tell you now,

I think next day

The little folks would grieve.

There wouldn’t be a single toy,

A single box or book,

And not a bit of candy in

Their stockings when they’d look

Because, you see,

Kriss Kringle has A “corner” on these things,

‘Tis he, and he alone, who in

The night our presents brings.

Then let us all try to avert This sad catastrophe,

And hope Kriss Kringle may at least Remember you and me.

A Christmas Carol  by Christina Rossetti

In The bleak mid-winter

Frosty winds made moan,

Earth stood hard as iron,

Water like a stone Snow had fallen,

snow on snow,

Snow on snow,

In the bleak mid-winter, Long ago.

Our God,

Heaven cannot hold Him Nor earth sustain;

Heaven and earth shall flee away

When he comes to reign:

In the bleak mid-winter

A stable place sufficed

The Lord God Almighty

Jesus Christ.

A Christmas Gift By Mabel L. Pray

It seems that dear old Santa Claus

One day in old November

Received a note from Dottie D.,

With words and phrases tender,

In which she asked the dear old man

With many words of warning,

To bring her a new Paris doll On the next

Christmas morning.

Just as he started for his sleigh

One eve, in old December,

He turned to Mistress

Santa Claus And said, “Did you remember

About that fine new

Paris doll For wee

Dot in the city? I must not fail to take that gift,

‘Twould be a dreadful pity.”
It was early in the morning,

One day in old December;

A very happy, joyous day

That children all remember,

When Santa, on his mission fleet,

To the nursery came creeping,

And left the fine new

Paris doll Among the others, sleeping.

The holly and the mistletoe

Were bright this winter morning;

One stocking filled from top to toe

The mantel was adorning.

A Christmas tree hung full with gifts,

While underneath, reposing

On an upholstered rocking chair,

The Paris doll was dozing.

Then suddenly from out the gloom

Dot’s other dolls came peeping,

Their hair uncombed, their dresses torn,

And noses red with weeping;

They talked in whispers soft and low,

But tones that grew quite scornful,

About the fate that was to greet

This stranger, sad and mournful.

There were Annabel and Bessie,

That came one cold December;

They hobbled round with broken backs

From falling on the fender.

Then Tommy, Grace, and baby Ruth,

All came one birthday party,

And Rose and Don a year ago,

With Santa Claus so hearty.

They all assembled round the tree,

And then with manners shocking

They pinched and shook the Paris doll,

And cried in words so mocking – “Why, don’t you know, you stupid thing,

Dot won’t care for another,

She has received this Christmas morn A dear, sweet baby brother!”

Religious Christmas Poem

Advice From Poor Robin’s Almanac By Anonymous Author

Now that the time has come wherein

Our Savior Christ was born,

The larder’s full of beef and pork,

The granary’s full of corn,

As God hath plenty to thee sent,

Take comfort of thy labors,

And let it never thee repent

To feed thy needy neighbors.

Christmas poems for children to recite

Christmas Child A short Christmas poem for kids by Mary E. Carpio

Turn your eyes this Christmas

To the Child who was born

He came into the world

Only to find sorrow and scorn

He knew we needed a Savior

To set us free from sin

No other way to redemption

But to open your heart to Him

Remember this Christmas season,

Material things cannot satisfy

They are but temporary

They disappear and die

But the love of our Savior

A gift that lives eternally

He is that brightest Star

Which shines upon the tree!

Christmas Gift A fun Christmas poetry By Maureen

The gifts I’d leave beneath your tree,

Aren’t those that you can touch or see,

Not wrapped in Christmas tissue gay

But gifts to bless you every day

The gift of friendship warm and true,

Is one that I would leave for you

Good health and happiness and cheer

To keep you smiling through the year

The gift of peace that comes from God,

With prayer to guide each path you trod

And when your heart has lost its song

The gift of hope to cheer you on

These are the gifts I’d leave for you

Christmas Is Coming A Christmas By Anonymous

Christmas is coming,

The geese are getting fat

Please put a penny

In the old man’s hat

If you haven’t got a penny

A ha’penny will do;

If you haven’t got a ha’penny

Then God bless you!

Wonderful Christmas Poem

Christmas Presents A children’s Christmas  by Anonymous

Every year Grandma gets a tin of talcum powder.

She always says, ‘Ah my favorite!’

Even before she opens the wrapping

Grandpa always says, ‘Well, I know what’s in here.

Its two pairs of socks. Just what I wanted!’

This year, Aunti Vi had an umbrella in an umbrella-shaped parcel,

I mean, it looked just like an umbrella.

And, before Aunti Vi pulled the paper off,

She said to Mum, ‘It will match that new coat of mine.’

As for Mum and Dad,

they just sat there and said,

‘We’ve given each other a joint present this year

It’s a digital clock radio for our bedroom.’

Do you know, they didn’t even bother to wrap it up and put it under the tree!

At the end, when everything had been given out,

Mum said, ‘We mustn’t forget the gift-vouchers from Debbie and Jim.

We sent them a cheque for the same amount.

We always do.’ I call that a bit unimaginative, don’t you?

Maybe, when you come to think about it, Grown-ups need

Father Christmas far more than children do.

Dear Santa A cute poem for kids this Christmas by Stephanie Sanchez

I wrote a letter to Santa the other day

I told him what

I wanted for Christmas

I didn’t say diamonds

I didn’t say gold Or chocolates or riches

I said I wanted you

I want you here with me

Right next to my side

Giving me the love you always gave me

I want you to hold me in your arms and never let me go

I want your eyes to look into

I want to feel your heart beat

I want to hear your voice

I want to feel your touch

I wantt you for Christmas

So Santa please,

Send me the love of my life

M Christmas wish is him,

All to myself

And nothing to tear us apart, again.