Acrostic Poems For Literature

Acrostic Poems For Literature 

Acrostic From Lewis Carroll

Little maidens, when you look
On this little story-book,
Reading with attentive eye
Its enticing history,
Never think that hours of play
Are your only HOLIDAY,
And that in a HOUSE of joy
Lessons serve but to annoy:
If in any HOUSE you find
Children of a gentle mind,
Each the others pleasing ever–
Each the others vexing never–
Daily work and pastime daily
In their order taking gaily–
Then be very sure that they
Have a life of HOLIDAY.

Acrostic Poems For Literature

S et among hills in the midst of five valley S,

T his peaceful little   market town we inhabi T

R efuses (vociferously!) to be a conforme R.

O nce home of the cloth it gave its name t O,

U phill and down again its streets lead yo U.

D espite its faults it leaves us all charme D.