Nerdy Love Poems for Him 2 Best Nerdy Love Poems of All Time

Nerdy love poems for him is the only easiest way to express your love to your nerdy boyfriend. So share best of all time poems with your nerdy love.

Nerdy Love Poem for Him by Unknown

You make me want to travel
Across a fantasy land
Our story shall unravel
And I will experience first hand
How strong my love is for you
My beautiful (almost) Queen
Remember, our love will be renewed
And I will fight enemies unseen

And my greatest threat has finally appeared
From me he has stolen you
I have waited for seven whole years
Just so I can come to your rescue
You are a piece of my heart
I would give away all my rupees
Just so we will never part
And you would never leave me

Here is another one of my theories
See, I love you more than you might think
A relationship is a lot like the Zelda Series
You are like my Zelda, and I am your Link

Talk Nerdy to Me by Tongues

Talk nerdy to me
It’s my thing!
Use words so pedantic
They’re obtusely romantic

Let’s politick and homilize
(For philosophy use French and Chinese)
We’ll ramble until we’re halfway wise
Or let’s invent a new word, at least

Talk nerdy to me
SNL and X-Men
Then note the plot holes
With a trendy quill pen

If you can’t talk nerdy to me,
Just be yourself. That’s also gutsy

Nerdy Love Poems for Him 2 Best Nerdy Love Poems of All Time

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